It doesnt look included

Ok, I’ve done the binding, and put the triangles on. But it doesn’t look right. Can someone barney style the intructions for me? I am SO confused. My garment and the pattern doesn’t look the same :pout:

It looks like the schematic on the pattern to me…you have to sew the seams now and it will be ready for the next step, which is to pick up stitches from the bottom edge all the way up and around the collar and back down to the other bottom edge, and then knit the ribbing. What don’t you think looks right?

I agree - it looks the schematic to me as well. It’s hard to visualize it with the wide ribbing, which is the next step. Keep plugging away and it’ll probably come out just right!

Just adding some more encouragement- it looks just right to me, too.