Issues with Binding Off

Okay, so I’ve now done about a dozen dishcloths and about 3 dozen headbands all with different yarns. At first I thought the problem I am having was a yarn specific issue, and with that thought in mind thought I had fixed the problem, but after washing my most recent piece I have discovered the problem is NOT fixed.

So what’s happening is that where I bind off my edge pulls down… Like if you were to put a rubber band around four nails that were to represent your proper square knit edges then if you take your finger and pull down on the top edge until you have the rubber band arching towards the center. I thought at first I was just binding off too tight, but even with loosening my BO, it’s still doing it. I don’t suppose anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the issue?

It may be both a tight CO and BO, but I’m afraid I can’t visualize it from your description. Can you post a picture?

I’m assuming you’re using a simple knit bind off and not slipping one st off over the other without knitting them (the way we used to bind off potholders on those square looms).
If it’s just on the bind off edge that you see the problem, try undoing the bowed or puckered bind off onto the needle you used to make the dishcloth. Now bind off using a needle 2 or even 3 sizes larger as your right hand needle. That should really loosen up the bind off, even better than trying for a more relaxed tension.

What kind of a bind off are you using? Here’s a couple from the KH videos that you could try. Another one on Youtube is Jenny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off, but that’s mainly done for toe up socks.

Sorry for my slow reply. I’ve been busy preparing for some entrance exams for my the last two years of my BS/pre-med program.

Yes, I’m using the basic knit bind off. I will try to dig out a digital camera when I take my next break from homework so that I can post pictures of the issue I’m having.

Thanks again for your help.

My, you are ambitious! Where do you find time for knitting? Best wishes to you.

Thanks, for the well wishes. As for finding time for knitting/needle crafts, I don’t watch TV much and I do it in the car, in class, in the waiting room, while reading, basically any time I’m not in motion or otherwise using my hands for something. Multitasking should have been my middle name.