Issue with thread between the needles getting longer and LONGER

I can’t seem to figure out how the yarn between the needles starts out nice and short, as I perform each stitch, it is growing longer and longer! Mind you, I just taught myself to knit one hour ago! Cast off a nice row neatly, moving them over to the opposite needle nice and clean, but the length of yarn in between the two keeps getting longer and longer…I can’t figure out why???:

If you cast on with the backward loop method, that’s what does it. Try another way - knit or cable cast on or long tail.

I agree. The backward loop (or single cast on) is not good for general cast ons. I prefer long tail, but cable or knitted cast on are good, too.

Thank you! Will try that. No pattern as of yet, just trying to get the hang of knitting :slight_smile: