Issue with bag's handle

Hi everyone

I’m knitting a bag for a friend (on the flat). I’ve already finished the two sides of it; now I’m gonna make its handle. Do I make simple stockinette stitch, garter, ribbing or i-cord? Or another technique? (The handle is about 8 cm wide)

And how do I join it with the bag itself? What stitch (seaming) do I use there?

I’d really appreciate a quick answer since the deadline’s on Monday.

Thanks in advance

I have just finished the Cyberseams tote bag, also knitted in the flat. Here is the link to its pattern for the handle and it includes instructions and a video for attaching the handles

Basically, one end of the handle is knitted in st st as part of the bag and attached at the other end using a crochet hook (the video shows how).

I have also made another flat bag and used I-cord. My experience is that the stocking stitch is much stretchier than the I-cord

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


I have done a few bags and the strap is always a tough decision. I have found that knitting it separately and then attaching it to the bag in two places makes it more durable. The I-cord is very useful and I agree it’s not stretchy.:hug: Let us know what you did and send a picture of the finished project!!