Issue With An Afghan Pattern

[color=brown][b]I got a great afghan book at Wal Mart of all places … “The Big Book Of Quick Knit Afghans” by Leisure Arts … has 24 afghans … well quick for MOST but maybe not quick for me since I spent most of my knitting life ripping stuff out … I have yet to complete anything.

For an example, this one is 46 x 62 … calls for 33 oz of worsted weight yarn (940 gm or 2,170 yds) … and they all call for the same size needles … a 29" circular needles size 17 (12.75 mm) or size needed for gauge … it says “afghan is worked holding two strands of yarn together” so does this mean as it says? You knit it double?

Second question … I don’t want to make that heavy of an afghan because I know it will be heavy to ship and my mom is in a seniors home and doesn’t like anything heavy on herself but I know she’d love something lighter weight, but I like the design … can I make it in single strand and use a smaller needle and still achieve the same pattern? I’ve never seen any needles in 12.75, the largest I have is a 10.

What’s the best way to do this pattern so it comes out roughly the same size (give or take a bit) … if I work the pattern as it says with say 8 mm needles and a worsted weight or chunky yarn in single strand?


Those quick knit afghans usually are knit on large needles using double stranded yarn. You literally hold two strands of yarn (from two different skeins/balls) together and knit with them as though they were one strand.

What you may need to do, to use the same pattern is literally double the pattern. So if it says to cast on 100 stitches, you’ll need to cast on 200 stitches and if it says to knit up 400 rows you’ll need to knit up 800 rows. There is a drastic difference in size in the needles!

You’ll also need a fairly long cable between your needles to hold the weight of the afghan.

I hope you can figure something out!

That sounds really bad!!! I’ve perhaps made a mistake getting this book … the ones I was looking at are to cast on 106 stitches … so if I doubled that and used one strand of yarn, would the pattern still work out? Or would I have to write it down to see if it matched up at the end?

Or I could just work it up as is for practise and keep it for myself … where can you find such large needles? I’ve never seen anything bigger than a 10 and I bought those for a scarf.


The Knit Picks Options come in US 17 (the largest they offer right now) so you could order those tips and a 40" cable and that should be lot enough. Addi Turbo’s also come in US 17s with long needles and while they are fabulous, the Options are just as great and cheaper.

Doubling the pattern should work fine - the ONLY thing you’d have to look for is if there is a border around the entire blanket - so, if it says to cast on 106 and there is a 6 stitch border at the beginning of a row and end of a row then you’ll double the amount then subtract 12 (so 212 - 12 = 200).

The other thing you could do, if you don’t want to knit the afghan double stranded is find a bulky weight yarn (which = 2 strands of worsted). Double stranded worsted or bulky weight yarn really might not be that heavy for your mom. I’ve done blankets with 4 strands of bulky and it was heavy but very snuggly, so 2 strands of worsted might be okay. On 17s the fabric won’t be too dense either.

I hope you can figure something out - it really will go faster using the US 17s and 2 strands of worsted weight yarn!

Maybe it’s me, but I’m thinking the “weight” will be the same, because if you double the stitches and rows, you are still using the same amount of yarn to cover the same area. The larger needle size will make looser stitches, so I think it balances out.

I guess I just think it would be torture to make something that’s already 106 stitches wide even bigger; it would take forever to finish!

I think I’d look a little harder for the larger needle size. Maybe someone near you could suggest a place to look. Or would an online order be out of the question?

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Some Walmart’s may have size 17 needles, Toby, but if you have a Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, Hancock Fabrics or Michael’s near you, they’ll carry them for sure.


ETA - I just noticed you’re in Vancouver - there’s a Canadian chain craft store or two as well as some of the ones I mentioned above, so I’m sure you can find a size 17. There’s probably quite a few just yarn stores too.

[color=red][b]Gee, I posted a reply and it didn’t post!!!

I thought the same thing, even by doubling the stitches it may still be the same weight … I thought 106 stitches was enough to work with without having to double that … agghh … I’d never get it done.

Yes, there is a border but it’s staggered … maybe not a knitting word but for example …
rows 1-10 k
row 11 rs k14 p2 k3 p1
row 12 k 5 p3 k2 p10
row 13 k13 p2 k3 p2
yet when I look at the picture it looks like it has a border all the way around of maybe 2 inches of straight knit … guess I’d have to start working it to see how it actually looks … the other option is to use a pattern that has a visible border … the shawl I’m doing for my daughter is like that … first 9 rows are k and then the 6 st at end and beg of each row is k then the pattern is in between …

Well I went to Wal Mart and did find the 12.75 needles (Red Heart, not my favorites by a long shot), circulars 29" …

I think I’ll have to do a swatch as much as I hate to … but at least I would know for future projects how that yarn works up … yesterday I got some Bernat Berella 4 Afghan yarn … 3.5 oz/100 gm … when I worked out the ounces needed which was 33 oz or 940 gm. it took 10 balls … however, pattern states yardage of 2,170 and there are 195 yds per ball … I figured it out that 11 balls is 2145 and 12 balls is 2340 … how confusing!! So what do you go by in that case? Yardage or ounces?? Just work it up and see when you run out and if it’s not long enough go get more wool?? MORE WOOL? Hmmm … I can do that.

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