Issue in a pattern

The attached pattern says - 6 rows of seed stitch (RS_WS_RS_WS_RS_WS) and then one row Purl(RS). then start then start the lace pattern, so…

Row 1 of lace - WS
Row 2 - RS
4-RS and so on.

But according to the pattern, Row 2,4,6,7…are WS.

Is this pattern wrong? After casting on the stitches…first row is what - RS or WS? I always thought that first row is RS.

Please help.

When you start the lace pattern, you would start counting all over again from the first row. Seed st is reversible, doesn’t really have a RS or WS, then the purl row would just set you up for the stitch pattern and would actually be a WS row. Then 1, 3, 5 etc the RS, 2, 4, 6 the WS. Don’t get too hung up on the very first row of a pattern being the RS, it often isn’t, some patterns will have the first row be the WS.

in general - 7th row will be RS or WS?

First row is RS… right?

No, not necessarily. You don’t need to pay attention to the row numbers and what side they are. Row 1 of the seed st can be either rs or ws, then the purl row is a transition row between it and row 1 of the pattern. Row 1 of the stitch pattern will be the RS and that’s the important one to remember.

Once you start into the lace pattern rows, the RS rows are the odd rows and the WS rows are the even rows. The advice in the notes before the pattern sound wise: use the st markers and use a row counter. It will save you lots of time in the end. A lifeline every so many rows might not be a bad idea either.
It’s a lovely pattern and it looks like fun to knit!