ISO- Yarn Bee Melody Bulky


I have looked through eBay & Ravelry several times and still I have not been able to locate more of this yarn. It has been discontinued. Please check your stash.

I need three more of these in the Alabaster color #112.
If you have one or more to part with, please contact me. If interested in a trade, I have these to offer.

I have Lambs Pride Superwash Worsted in 50 gram balls and can trade 2 balls for one skein of the Alabaster.

Six balls in the color SW96 (Purple Haze).

I’m still in need of this yard.


Still need this yarn.

I’m still in need of this yarn.

I saw your post and thought when I couldnt find what I needed I checked Ebay in the yarn. Also I found a site that did have what I needed. its I finally found what I was looking for. Just a thought and good luck!

Thank you for the link. I went there but they do not sell the yarn I am looking for.

Sorry I thought maybe they would have it. I found that site just by googling the Brand and type of yarn. I hope you find it.

I’m assuming you’ve tried Ravelry…I see they have 4 people with this yarn in their stashes. They don’t specifically say it’s for sale or trade, but you never know.

Yes, I have sent pm’s to them and get no reply. I have posted on a couple of their boards, searched ebay and online stores, and I have looked through HL online. They don’t have it either.

Thanks just the same.

I still need a few more skeins of this yarn. I just hate to give up making a sweater with this yarn, but I may have to.

I still need this yarn.