ISO: Wool/Cotton blend Worsted Weight Yarn

All I have found was a DK weight, anyone know indie sellers that make this yarn? I kinda just googled for for a match but came up with nothing :teehee:

I found a bunch of rowan and if you google [B] Wool/Cotton blend Worsted Weight Yarn I bet you could find it

I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve been trying to find the ‘perfect’ yarn to make the Central Park Hoodie using a wool/cotton blend, but haven’t found one yet. I was eye-balling the Rowan wool cotton, but I didn’t want to use a DK weight yarn. I looked through and through without much luck. :sad:
I plan on making a trip to my LYS pretty soon and will ask them for advice. I’ll report back if I find any.

Knitpicks has a cotton/wool blend in Worsted Weight.

Hi Cristeen. Thanks for the tip! I looked on KnitPicks’ site and saw the Main Line yarn with the Pima + Merino. Sounds very soft. I was hoping to find a 50/50 blend, but this would be a great option for the sweater. Thanks!