ISO verigated worsted weight wool scraps

Hello! I’m new here…
I’m looking for verigated (no solids) worsted weight wool yarn that you might have left over from a project or two. Even an ounce is great!
I’ve been paying $1. per ounce shipped.
If you have a different price on your yarn lmk and I’ll see if I can swing it. :slight_smile:
I’d like photos of what you have and whatever info you can give me: weight of yarn, where it came from (purewool, or other), colorway name if you remember… that sort of thing.
Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and since you all don’t have a clue who I am… I have perfect feedback on ebay under knotts301, and I’m on dswappers regularly under the same ID as this one, or cokelush - I forget which.

Can’t help you on this one… :frowning: Sorry!
I love your name tho. I like cold pizza for breakfast too!

(on second thought, PM me whenever you get this so I remember, but I may have a little that I could sell. I didn’t like the color way I believe)

What are you using it for? (I’m being nosey. You don’t have to answer if you dont want too.)

I’d love to see what you have and how much.
I’m collecting all sorts of colorways to make Hudson (scrappy) hats. I have a purewool order in with a co-op but it’s going to take a bit so I’m trying to gather up what I can.

I don’t know where the yarn went. :frowning: (It probably ran away. lol) Sorry!!!