ISO: The.Knitter

:shrug: where are you? :oo: I sent you a pm:waving: Did you get it? Hope all is well!

I’ve been wondering about you too, I hope all is well!

I got a PM from Christine (The.Knitter) yesterday. She had the flu, but she’s doing better.

Sorry Ladies, when I get a cold or flu bug it affects my ears, which causes vertigo. This is big trouble for me because my ears are my disability. It kicks the feet out from under me. I hate this darned disease as well as hating vertigo and colds and flu bugs.

Thanks all, for caring! I will be back in in a day or two when I feel more up to it all. Hugs.


:frowning: That’s what I was worried about…get better soon!

Oh, Christine, I hope you are feeling better soon!

Well wishes!! We miss you!