ISO Simple Fair Isle Pattern

…is there such a thing? I’ve never done such major color work so I want to start easy. I know I want to make something using fair isle but don’t know where to start. Any ideas? :shrug:

Remember, the main word here is simple…if there is such a thing! :teehee:

Here is a simple fair isle pattern.

Fair isle hat.

That hat is “fake isle” hat… :??

I learned from doing this sampler and watching the video. You need Internet Explorer to see it. Now I make up my own patterns for baby hats. :wink:

ETA: Mwedzi is correct. It IS a real fair isle, but not a complicated one with many colors. :wink:

I think the simplest fair isle thing I have seen is the headband I did:

Not exciting at all, but easy. The instructions are here:

Though the hat with Noro is called fake-isle, it is indeed real fair isle. I think the fake part refers to the fact that it looks like you did more complicated fair isle work because of the Noro color changes. It has long floats, (spaces where you work only one color for a long time), though, and it’s best if you weave in the ends with such long floats, so that adds one extra step of complexity.

Wow, thanks for all your help guys!!! :hug: I like the “fake isle” hat but I think i may need to start on the headband! Thanks mwedzi, I saw your blog, it’s great!