ISO Shrug or Bolero pattern

I am searching for a shrug or bolero pattern for a little girl, size 5 (4T is too small on her, but just), made with worsted weight cotton, to go with the sun dress I just finished for my DGD for her birthday. I had one, but it is knit with DK weight, and the size starts bigger than the child is right now.

Thanks in advance for any help I can get!

Like this maybe?

I’m looking for something with little or no sleeve, and stockinette stitch to match the dress, but something I could put a picoted edge on to match the bottom of the dress. I have the yarn already and it is Bernat Cottontots, which is worsted weight. I already knit the bottom 3" of the dress and the straps in this yarn so I would want to try and match it if I could. I did find one I liked, but it is knit with DK yarn and I have no earthly idea how to convert the pattern. Here is the pattern though, if someone (anyone) knows how to make this into the right gauge for my yarn, I would be eternally grateful! And by the way, DGD has a 50 cm chest measurement! The pattern I have starts at 56 cm darn it (of course it does, it is the one my DD likes for her child)!!,,695942_711879,00.html

try this

or this

On craftster there is a pattern for a Circular Shrug. If you google circular shrug it will be easy to find. I made this for my DD when she was 2. It can be made in any size with any weight yarn.


This was posted on a different discussion, I think it is really cute!

Can you do a 4T if that’s what you like best and make it on bigger needles? She might no tbe able to wear it as long. Never mind.

Not possible because they are knitting it with DK and I have worsted weight cotton here for this. It’s giving me a problem. Oh well, I have several weeks yet before it must be finished!