ISO scarf pattern

Has anyone seen a pattern like this? These are the best pics i could get.

OOps, I forgot to lighten the pics. [/color] :oops:

I would like to help, but it’s quite hard to tell from the pics.
My guess would be that it’s crochet flowers :??

Anyway, what’s ISO?

In search of

Wow, I did NOT see a scarf in those pictures at all. Now I do. I’m going to guess that it’s just one of those spiral scarves with flowers applied to it. :??


In search of[/quote]

:wall: Could have figured that out myself!

From which show is the photo? Maybe there’s a better pic somewhere?

Either General Hospital or Port Charles. ABC soap operas.

It is General Hospital from December 10 and 13. She wore it a bunch before and then didn’t wear it for quite awhile. i would love a close look at it.

I just waded through TONS of pics and here’s what I found. Definately looks crocheted to me. Like blue and black flowers and then chained together.
I tried to look for earlier day photos and looked through this page
From page 1450 to 1350.If anyone is in a searching mood, she/he(?) can look through the pages bevor. There must be a better pic!