ISO Scarf Pattern w/Hole to Pull One End Thru

I don’t know the “name” of the pattern type, but it’s a scarf that has a “hole” on one end so the other can slip thru it so you don’t have to wrap/knot it around your neck. Have any ideas/links? :thinking:

Try searching for a keyhole scarf pattern.

Yes of course…“keyhole scarf”!!! Duh! Why didn’t I think of it! :doh:

lol there is one on DIY

Hi, I have done this one -

It knits up really quickly and is very cute. :thumbsup:


Yes, I saw that. The direction seems easy enough…but I get confused easily! :rofling:

I was going to post the one from DIY, but I see you’ve already got that link. Looks like a neat scarf!

Hi all,

There is this one as well …

Christina in Ottawa

…and this …


Tita, if you make one, be sure and let us know which one you made and how easy it was or wasn’t. :expressionless: I also get easily confused by written instructions. :rollseyes: