ISO: Red Heart Holiday

My mom is making a christmas tree skirt and is short 2 skeins.

What she needs is :

Red Heart Holiday: Red and silver- 2 skeins.

Let me know if anyone has any to sell/trade.



Check out the last lot of yarn on the post by, I think it is Elowein for “Yarn for Sale”. She has some of this!

If you go to [COLOR=“Red”]3 Whimsical cats[/COLOR] on ebay which is the name of the store they have it but it is called holly and silver which I assume is the red. Hope this helps.

astonh, the color she has is different then what my mom needs. But thank you!


Thanks lorilee. That yarn is different though. The yarn she is looking for has no green in it! LOL


Oh she did have some further down. Mom bid on it. thanks!