ISO: Peaches and Cream Double Worsted - ENDED

Search ended, thanks.


In case no one is able to swap with you, here are some alternatives…

I’ve made two Absorbas now, and done each with only two strands of the double worsted, which brings the yarn cost down (but doesn’t change the shipping, unfortunately). They are still quite thick and cushy - and the knitting is easier.

If you search for Absorba on Ravelry, lots of folks have mentioned using multiple (i.e. 4) strands of the single weight, instead of the DW, especially if you can get it on sale somewhere locally.

One other option that people have mentioned is sharing an online order with other local knitters. Typically their shipping cost doesn’t go up until you’ve ordered quite a bit of yarn, so you can divide the cost between several knitters and all save money. Or what I do, since I make a lot of dishcloths, is keeping adding yarn from their clearance items until just before it raises the shipping costs. At least then I feel like I’ve really gotten my money’s worth out of the shipping charge. HTH.


Thanks for the great tips! I’m trying my best not to purchase any more new yarn so I would prefer to trade. I’m currently destashing like crazy and am trying hard not to bring in anything new.

I thought about using multiple strands of the single weight, but I don’t live near big box craft stores, so it’s hard for me to get to them unless I drive out of the city. Seems a bit ridiculous that I have more than 6 different local yarn stores within 7 a mile radius but not a single commercial store in the city to get more of the affordable yarn (and yarn that actually goes on sale for more than just 10% off!).

In the past I’ve checked the Michaels and Jo-Ann’s that are the closest to me and neither of them sell Peaches and Cream.

If I can’t get a hold of any peaches and cream for trade, I may have to break down and order some online… or perhaps I can request it as a birthday present to skirt my no more buying yarn rule… :wink:

if you have a walmart near by the carry the big cones. I’ve seen white and maybe creme.

Nope, no Walmarts in the city either. I believe the closest one is across the Bay Bridge in the east bay somewhere. I do have a Target that’s relatively close but unfortunately they don’t carry yarn. I really wish Costco carried yarn. That would be fantastic! I would totally break my no more buying yarn rule if i could get it in bulk on discount. :slight_smile: