ISO old mailorder jewelry company

MIL used to get little cz and other jewel rings from a mailorder place. I need to find it again and have googled until I can’t see any longer. If I saw the name, I would recognize it. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but, won’t come forth in my brain. Anyone know of any that can throw names at me??
They had cz’s and real diamonds, gem stones and synthetics, silver, gold etc…

It’s not silver jewelry club is it?
Lots of neat stuff there even if it’s not the site you were looking for.

Nope, I can’t even tell you a sound alike. If I see it, I’ll know it though. It’s driving me crazy.

Fire Mountain Gems ?

Nope, not it either. I so love having others helping, thank you!

I order silver supplies and tools from them. Good prices, good services. About to order some opals and tourmaline.


I finally found it, but, they are not in business anymore. LOL figures!
BTW, it was called Merlite.
I am looking at these other sites though.

have alook at the jewlerry chanel, they are online as well. they are in th eus as well as the uk. they are really cheap and the gems are all real.