ISO needles, US 7 and 9 or 10 DPN, 6and 9 or 10 circ,

I thought I would give this list a shot. I would like to find some of these used, and I really am not picky about material or color. thanks!

you may want to try my place :slight_smile:

Also Ebay has a lot of knitting needles (unfortunately or fortunately, they’re usually in large amounts and you have to wait to see if you won the auction)

Sorry I don’t have those to trade, but I definitley can recommend Carol’s site! :thumbsup: I’ve doubled my needle stash since finding her site!

Yea her site is very dangerous. :roflhard:
My stash is getting bigger as well. :smiley:

Have trippled mine!

GOtta add my “I :heart: taraknit” as well. She is fast and reliable and jsut plain old cool.

I’ll add my endorsment as well, I bought five needles from her for a very good price, and I’ve been back looking for more!

I even told the lady at the LYS about and she was very excited to check it out.

I have many needles that I am willing to trade. Still looking for some?