ISO Men's Scarf

Hi all! I am looking for a cool Men’s Scarf. I found Henry from Knitty but am looking for something fast and nice. My brother asked for it. He’s pretty chill and doesn’t want anything loud or flashy. Just nice but also uniqe. TIA CAssi

Any simple scarf in a neutral color is good for a man that doesn’t want to stand out.

These are all nice textural scarves that knit up quickly. They really are much, much nicer than the photos shown for the most part. Do a little swatch to see what they really look like in the yarn you intend to use.

This one might take a little more time, but is very nice.

I’m currently knitting the Yarn Harlot scarf for my son for Christmas and I absolutely love the way it looks! Unfortunately I have to use the Red Heart acrylic I have on hand as I can’t afford new yarn right now, but it still looks awesome. I can’t wait until I can buy a decent yarn to use for this pattern!

Irish Hiking Scarf is pretty simple and can be manly.