ISO: Malabrigo Yarn Worsted 100% Merino

Or a comparable yarn.

Looking for the following colors in Malabrigo Yarn: emerald, frank ochre, hollyhock, lettuce, pagoda, purple magic.

Im desperate! ( c :

You might find it harder to come by since Malabrigo is an expensive yarn. Have you tried online or on Ravelry?

I have tried both. And i have found a lot of the colors I need on line, but no one has all of them so I’d be paying a ton in shipping not to mention 11.00 each for the 12 skeins I need. ugh.

I’m not positive, but I think the price may be going up soon. (Or now). That’s just a gut feeling. The (or one of?) factory warehouse was on fire the other day and a lot of what was in the warehouse was destroyed. I’m not sure how long it will be until they are able to start everything up again, but I get the feeling that the demand is gonna go through the roof. :slight_smile:

Oh no! That’s awful! Thanks for the tip.

Have you tried ebay, I get all my malibrigo from ebay.

I don’t think the price is going up. The fire was months ago and my lys has ordered the yarn since then and it is still $10 a skein. The only one that you need that my lys carries is pagoda. And maybe emerald…

Thats most of the problem I am having. I dont want to pay shipping at five different places to get 6 colors of yarn. I cant find the frank ochre anywhere either. Its sold out everwhere I have looked.

Knit On in Cincinnati, Ohio carries Malabrigo yarn you may want to see if they carry all of the colors you need. Their building is 3 stories FULL of yarn.

Hope this helps you out.

They have all your colors here

I checked my lys for you today. She has emerald, pagoda, and purple magic.