ISO: KP Sierra in Lettuce and Pool

I need about 5 hanks of the Pool and 2 of the Lettuce. It appears that KP no longer carries these two colors. So I am desperate!

You just missed them on sale last week for $2.99. I ordered 6 hanks of each last Friday. LOVED the colors when they came on Tuesday, so I went to order more and POOF they were gone. :shrug: I’m getting ready to swatch for a couple of projects, but if it doesnt work out and I can spare some, I’ll let you know.

Good luck finding them!

Yeah, I just ordered them for $2.99 last week as well - didn’t realize why the price was so low till I went back today. I guess it’s a closeout. :pout: I love these two colors together (I guess a lot of people do!) - am making little sweater jackets for my sons - one was going to have lettuce as the main color and pool as the contrast, and the other was going to be vice versa.

Let me know if yours doesn’t work out and you want to sell any - I would pay full price!