ISO: KnitPicks Black Needle Binder/Holder

I am looking for the black zippered interchangeable KnitPicks needle and cable holder. My collection of needles and cables has outgrown the original case. I sure wish KnitPicks hadn’t discontinued this item.

If you have one you aren’t using and want to sell, I’m here! I have Paypal. Thanks for looking.

Jill in IL

I no longer have mine. It was too bulky and the bags did t hold up well IMO. I use these instead and love them! :inlove: I have two, one for Harmony/Knitters Pride needles and one for Knitpicks nickel plated.

Thank you, Jan. I’ve found one of the KP binders. Though those are pretty, I need something a little more sturdy for my Harmonies. I tend to be really hard on them when transporting them. :oops:

Glad you found one then!

I’m really wanting to find the old KnitPicks clear plastic case with the black zipper. I got rid of the one I had when I sold my old set to buy the new Caspian set (which are more gorgeous in person than their pics!) but I HATE the new case they come in, and I hate the cloth ones you can buy. I have a real thing for clear (clear plates, glasses, cookware - see strange!), anyway does anyone out there have one they don’t want or maybe a pattern to make my own? I have PayPal and would be willing to pay a reasonable amount or maybe trade for a handmade item (reuseable market bag, washcloths, knitted purse wallet set)? But please be honest in the condition of it.

Thanks so much!

I actually found these clear cases! There is a UK company who sells them (they have them as KnitPro Cases), and at a great price:

I just ordered one :woot:

So I am no longer in search for one.


I like that case too – I’m glad you found one! :yay: