Iso KellyK or anyone who can take a stab at Flip Top Mittens

I’m knitting Plaid Flip Top Mittens.

This may be impossible to respond to without seeing…but I’ll post anyway.

I think the thumb gussett is started to close to the wrist “ribbing”.

Maybe if there’s a site on constructing a mitten to fit my/anyone’s hand?

I’m thinking of tearing it back, but I’m unsure. I hate to drive 40 miles (round trip) to my favorite yarn shop.


Hi Ann,

When I did these I followed the pattern as written (except for going down a few needle sizes) with Woolease Chunky and they came out very well.

If you want to add a few more rounds between the ribbing and the beginning of the thumb gusset, that would work too. Some mittens I recently knit in worsted wieght had 3 round between the ribbing and the thumb gusset, so you might try that if you’re using a worsted weight or maybe two rounds if you’re using a bulky weight yarn.

Happy Mitten Knitting :XX: :XX:


I haven’t made flip-top mittens yet, but the mitten pattern I use {FCEK Fall '05} calls for 3 rows worked even for both kids and adult sizes. This is with WW yarn.

:smiley: I appreciate that you share your experience, where I’m still learning.


I used that to calculate, and then u may be able to figure out the top from whatever you have?