ISO: Interweave Knits Fall 2001

Hi posters,

I’m desperately seeking a back issue of Interweave Knits, specifically Fall 2001

If you have this issue - or can obtain it - and wouldn’t mind parting with it, please consider it pretty much sold.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be interested in “abused” magazines (badly torn, dirty, written upon, with pages missing or otherwise mistreated), but normal wear is expected and happily accepted.

I hugely prefer PayPal and am a “verified” buyer, but I’m open to most payment methods other than cash by mail.

I’m in the US, zip code 27565, and don’t have a problem with the higher postage for issues that might be available from outside the United States.

Thanks for your time.


I don’t have the magazine, but I know many of the patterns are available singly now. Are you interested in one or two in particular?

Hi Jan,

Actually, I’m looking for the actual magazine. I only recently discovered it - I was out of the country - and have managed to get hold of every fall and winter back issue with the exception of this one.

Thank you for your kind offer, though. It’s much appreciated.