ISO: Interchangeable Circular Needle Set

[CENTER]Ever since I saw this online, I have really wanted it! However, I can’t afford the price that they’re asking for. Does anyone have a previously used or no longer used set of these?


Best of luck to you finding them. I have a pair of tips, sz 8, and plan to add a few more sizes as time goes by.

Thanks! Yeah, I have way too many circular needles. I want this because I’ll have ever size & every length. Lol.

I have two interchangeable sets. The Sunstruck set from Knit Picks gets used less than my Nova set from Knitter’s Pride but they both have been well worth the price. Do you like really pointy needles? The Cubics are really pointy and have a long taper. I like this one set for a lot of things but not everything I would knit with this size needles.

I’m not very picky. The pointy ones can be annoying sometimes when I accidentally Stan myself. However, beggars can’t be choosers. How much would you charge for it? What sizes & lengths do you have?

Did I give the impression I was offering for sale? Oops. Sorry. I love my needles and they’ll pry them out of my cold dead hands. I’ve decided to just buy a set or two of the tips at a time. I don’t need all the sizes, at least not all at once.

Oh, lmao. Okay. I just figured that when I posted that I was ISO “in search of” this item in the Buy/Sell/Swap forum that you were saying you were selling them. LOL.

Many apologies. :aww: I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t even noticed which section this is in. I often don’t. I really do hope you find what you want.

It’s all good! You just got my hopes up. :P:muah:

I have the knitters pride dreams for sale. Extra size 4. N extra cords. These are the shorter needles which are easier on the hands to use. I’m asking $40 complete + shipping. Prob around $5 if not in rural area via ups. Mail would be $6.80.

I’m going to inbox you!!

Did u get the pics I tried to send???