Iso help finding this knitted Bernat? scarf pattern

I found this pattern request below while searching for Meredith Viera’s beautiful knitted? red scarf she was wearing today on The Today Show.
If anyone knows about Meredith’s scarf, I’m interested in the pattern.
Also, does the description of the scarf sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks for reading, Ann
[B]"[SIZE=5][COLOR=#97c000]Help This Knitter Please![/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=1][COLOR=#74c0fa]January 31, 2007[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

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Yesterday I actually chased a woman down on the street to find out where she got the pattern for the scarf she was wearing. I swear, it was the coolest scarf ever. It had cording woven in and out of the sides, allowing you to scrunch it up and adjust the length as needed. And the pattern on the scarf itself was beautiful. I just had to have it.
After getting over the shock of being virtually attacked while sipping her coffee and waiting for the light to change at a crosswalk, the woman very nicely told me that the pattern was available on the [COLOR=#675437]Bernat website[/COLOR] for free. I raced home to look only to discover that it was not in fact there.
I have considered laying in wait at Starbucks for hours on end everyday in hopes that she returns and I can beg a copy of the pattern off of her, and I have considered trying to recreate it myself. But then I thought I would throw it open to all of you and see if anyone has any similar patterns.
So please, for the sake of the poor woman who just wanted to enjoy a cup of coffee in her nice warm scarf, help this knitter out!"

can you provide a link to the image of this scarf or an image of the scarf itself?

just to make sure it’s the right one…