ISO - decent wicker? storage

My stash is spread far and thin - under beds, in closets, in other rooms, in baskets…my lack of organization is killing me. I buy yarn for specific projects and then completely forget about them. I feel like i need to get this under CONTROL!!! (can you say anal-retentive???)

What I am looking for is a decent wicker trunk or other trunk that I can put my actual projects and projects to be in - I would prefer something that closes so that it doesnt get dusty… I have the space in my bedroom for it…

Any ideas on where to look? I realize we are leaving wicker season. My mom has the perfect trunk in her family room but I doubt she will give it to me. WENCH!

I use an old wardrobe I found it at an unfinished furniture store cheap. I would look at antique places.

Could you get someone to make one for you? I just meant a trunk not a wicker one.

I use a closet organizer. I hung it in the (finished)-basement and put a cedar ball in each pocket. I put the pattern I want to knit, in with the yarn, then I just look to see what is next. It also helps me, to not get so stash cazy. :wink:
I got mine on discount at Lowe’s.