ISO: debbie bliss cashmerino chunky

i need like 12 skeins of it in the same dye lot. i want to make an awesome starsky. at this point, i’m open to most colors i just don’t want to pay sooooo much for it. let me know what you have and i’ll make you an offer. thanks!

Have you tried ebay? I got some real nice alpaca yarn (10 skeins) for $24.99. It is really nice and I am crocheting a vest for my son out of it. Yes I said crochet as he saw the pattern in my guild magazine and wanted that vest. Good luck!

o.k. what is a starsky!!!


There is someone selling 10 skeins of the superchunky in a green colorway for $75 plus shipping. Two of the 10 have been frogged, but for yarn that’s normally $15 a skein that’s a pretty good deal. I don’t know anything about her, but here’s the link: