ISO- Crochet hook S-35

I am looking for the S-35 size hook…I know I can order it from Lion Brand’s website, but they charge almost as much for shipping as for the hook…I’ve looked at all my local stores, without success…Anyone know why it’s so hard to find? Opinions in general?


JoAnne’s always has them where I live… try there!

35 is such a ginormous size… would any of your local shops order it for you? Personally I don’t like the hooks that are bigger than about a P- and I’m not happy about that one!

Have you tried searching eBAY or etsy? Or googled/ searched other yarn shops online? sometimes the shipping from independent shops is lower… is the S-35 the same as the “speed hook”?

I found it at Joann’s and as an added bonus, I used a 40% off coupon =) Thanks!

The S hook is sold at : JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, and used to be sold at all Wal-Marts ( with Wally downsizing sooo much in the crafts department now am not sure what they carry anymore.) Hancocks, and there is another store but can’t think of it for now…