ISO: cotton yarn, old dc Red Heart colors

I’m back after an extended absence during which we moved my 90-year-old Dad from Houston to here in Cullman AL to live with us. Now that he’s settled in I can get at some long-meglected projects.

Looking for a little bit of a Sugar and Cream or Peaches and Cream or that type worsted cotton in a deep yellow suitable for the center of a crocehted poinsettia. The current yellow is a very soft shade, doesn’t work. Only need enough to corchet a ring and a dozen dc stitches.

Looking for 2 old Red Heart, I think, worsted weight yarns, one is navy with covered with glistening strands that make it almost glow, the same in a very dark gray or black. I have only a little bit of each and would like to make some small projects like cell phone cases, MP3cases, just a skein or half a skein would do.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Glad to be back.