ISO~Child's Hoodie Pattern

I would like a free pattern for a child’s pullover with hood that zips in the back. I am tired of looking and thought someone here may know where I can find one. It needs to fit a 24 month or 2T.

My daughter has such a sweater, although she’s out grown it now. I bought it at a resale shop. It was hand-knit by someone. I couldn’t believe the original owner got rid of it. I would like to have a pattern, too, because I love that sweater and it would be great to make for gifts.
Surely someone here has a pattern!

I only found one free one and it’s for a newborn. However it’s in sport weight. If you use heavier yarn and bigger needles it might come out big enough. A knitter on Ravelry used chunky yarn and size US 8 needles and it child looks to be about 2 to 2 1/2 yrs.

Jesslynn, I went to and searched free back zipped hoody under the pattern link. The one mentioned here is there and another by Lionbrand. I don’t have a link but you can find it on ravelry, and you can probably find it at LB. Apparently, these are the only free ones.

This is the link for the back zipped hoodie from LionBrand. When I mentioned it in the above post I did not realize that it was crochet. I had not taken the time to read the instructions. There may be some though that would like to make it.

I’m still looking for a pattern other than the one Jan posted. I already have it. I’ll go with it if I can’t find another. I would like one with a small amount of design to it other than just plain stockinet stitch.

You could add a stitch pattern to it. Just take into considertion if the stitch pattern pulls it in any, like cables pull the knitted fabric in some so you might want to add a few sitches if you add something like that.

I’ve considerd that, but I didn’t want to do the altering. If time doesn’t become an issue I probably will though.