ISO: Cheap Worsted weight, acrylic

Do any of you need to get rid of worsted weight, acrylic yarn? Would you like it to go to a good home? I would love to do more charity knitting, but some of the stores prices plus shipping are killing the joy. So if you have any of this yarn, and want to get rid of it, please think of me over here in England.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi How are you doing with your book (Socks that Soar)??? Are you just looking for WW? What about fingering stuff??? :muah:

I have sock yarn to knit the socks in Socks Soar. The charity knitting I do want worsted weight yarn. If you have fingering weight please let me know, I can always use yarn for socks, and I think I want to make some very little throws for in the car.

Picky about colors or since charity knitting, might you be open to any color? I THINK I’ve got some I can send your direction. I’ll be sure to check… Don’t know that it is much though. If I just have a skein of a couple colors, is that too little?

Never to little. I can always add it to something else. Color does not matter to me, just the fiber and ability to wash in it the machine. Please let me know what you would like for it.

I have a TON of the stuff. My MIL (who passed away) crocheted and never threw ANYTHING away – she was Japanese and married my FIL when he was stationed in Japan after WWII. I have been selling some on eBay but what I have left is truly just odds and ends. All I would really ask is enough to cover my shipping costs, so if you’re interested, I’ll try to figure out the cheapest way to get a box of it over to you and let you know what that $$$ amount would be. I am down to about 2 huge plastic tubs full – I started with 5!. I am very in favor of charity knitting - I sent some to a lady who had bought some other yarn from me on eBay and told me she was knitting for US soldiers and their families, so I filled up a box and sent it off to her. Just let me know if you’re interested!

I have a couple of skeins of Lion Brand Jaime Bonus Bundle. 1 skein has never been used. The other skein is about 1/4 used. If you are interested, please PM me so that we can work something out. :slight_smile:

Iwfinley, I am interested in your yarn. Please find out how much to send to FPO AE 09409.

It is 6:55 am here – I will contact my local Post Office today after I drop my boys off at 9:00 am and will let you know!


No charge. I don’t have a lot that I could send as my “stash” only consists of a couple skeins of extra yarn so shipping wouldn’t be much, especially since it is not an international shipping. I’ll TRY to get this pulled out this weekend (we’re remodelling so I have to “hunt” things down).

I’ve got your address from the WWSwap so just consider it a little suprise when it comes in!


astonh, thank you very much. I am sure whatever charity gets it will love it too.

msmelody – I have not forgotten you – just had a couple of crazy busy days with the boys and have not yet gone to PO!!! I have a box that is stuffed full, and will put it in my car to go with me on Monday morning – I am so sorry, I just didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten or changed my mind!

Not a problem, life happens, and I know that as bad as I have been feeling, I was not worried about your yarn. I know that I would have asked you in a couple of days what had happened to you, to make sure that you were okay. I worry about people.

Hi msmelody… are you still ISO? Have some but I am not sure of the details (it’s at home)… do you want to know, to see if you would want it?

I have some RHSS laying around that my grandma bought to knit my uncle a sweater with, but she was never able to do it. It’s kind of tan, I think. I’m at work right now, just trying to remember it. I think there might be some light blue as well. Let me know if you’re interested.

I am still interested in the yarn, but please give me until after Christmas to be able to pay for it. I have to buy gifts for all the children in the family.

Ooohhh, I don’t want any money, just a place to send this yarn… :slight_smile:

How can I ask for money when you are using it for charity? Plus, the yarn told me – Hey Lady, we’ve been just sittin’ here, if you aren’t going to use us, give us to someone that will!

In addition to some worsted, I have 2 skeins of RH Super Sport… would you be able to use that as well?

I could send out this week.

I can use anything you would like to send me, Lisa-H-Town. If you would like my address please pm me.

Thank you to everyone who sold/sent me yarn. I now have enough yarn to last until at least May or so. When I run out, I will be buying more.