ISO: Bell sleeve pattern

Hopefuly someone can help!!! Looking for something like this (the sleeve not the actual dress or look… I just want a huge flare sleeve)

Hmmm, don’t recall any free patterns I’ve seen like that. Seems like you could work it like a flat circle, though, from the fitted part, out. You know, look for a pattern for a knitted doily or something.


There is a pattern for a flared sleeve sweater in the first stitch and bitch book… they are not as flared as these, and they aren’t lacy looking either… but that might give you something to start with… I think it’s called the To Die For sweater (remember to check the S&B website for corrections!) [size=7]:slight_smile:[/size]

I would love to see what you come up with… :smiley:

I would love to see what you come up with

yeah me too! :roll: I spent hours last night searching through vintage patterns. I found one for sale that is an entire 1970’ magazine for sale… I e-mailed her to see if there was anything like that there

Actually, that picture looks very much like it might just be gathered at the top of the bell. You know, just knit in a straight tube, from the bottom up, and then decreased dramatically in the last couple rows, to bring it in to arm width. It’s knit in a lacey pattern that allows it to be gathered in this way. If it were a more solid-pattern bell, it wouldn’t gather in well. The lacey holes make it work.

You could test how well the fabric will gather, just by bunching it together on the needles.


Coincidentally, somebody just posted a link to a pattern with these kinds of sleeves, it’s the thread called on a scale of 1-10. I bet it’s just what you’re looking for.

Um, NEVERMIND, it was you Nuno!! :smiley:
(don’t mind me)

:mrgreen: Thanks for thinking of me though!