ISO: Batuffolo Print 03

My LYS owner (and non computer person) has 10" of a shawl left to make and has run out of the now discontinued yarn. it is the Batuffolor Print in color 03 Lot 41 (although she says lot doesn’t matter at this point). Seh has contacted the distributor who contacted all the stores that sold it and no one has any left :frowning: It’s a taupe color. If anyone has a ball that they are willing to part with please contact me!

Please contact me at saintsdancenrome I have 5 skeins of the lot 41 color 3 (taupe). To me it looks like a very luxury brown. I happened to be starting a scarff with it and we can discuss how much you want to buy. $7.00 per skein, I am happy to take pictures of the yarn, and proof of the lot and color number. I actually went on line looking for sweater patterns. Personally, I was going to make a multi colored sweater with the colors i have. I am pissed that Takhi keeps getting rid of their quality yarns. And found another color on line that I can be perfectly happy with. let me know. Laura