ISO any of these... Found

O.K. did my research, anyone here at KH have any of these yarns up for grabs???:hug:

Cheley, you can get most of those at local craft stores and they aren’t expensive. Coupons make them incredibly good deals.

Ya gotcha…however I like swapping/buying with my fellow knitters here… everyone likes some x-tra stash/cash…BTW we only have Jo Anns and Michaels here:hug:

caron simply soft shadows is at joann’s… i saw it at the one in albany last night and I always find it at AC Moore… I sold the simply soft shadows i had in my stash a few months ago.

I think I bought my SS Shadows at Joann, but it was a while ago so it might have been Michaels. I buy all my Patons, Bernat, and Caron at those two stores. (That’s all I have here, too Cheley)

If you don’t find anyone here, check ravelry. Lots of people are willing to trade yarn there. :slight_smile:

I may have the Bernat your looking for, does it need to be that color? Let me check my stash and I can let you know!

O, BTW Hobby Lobby has the caron SS…and u can get it online! o)

We do not have a Hobby Lobby…not interested in “shopping online” I would like anything except "lime, or holiday colors or natural. PM me