ISO - almost anything in pinks

I’m combining various leftovers to make a little wrap and need more yarns to add in. Anything except wool or cotton or linen in shades of pinks, almost ot purples, either variegated or solid in bulky or #5 weight. I have Red Heart Foxy in Plummy and Phentex Fashion Eight in Baby Pinks. Dye lots not important here because of the mixture. Textures would be great, also eyelash and slubs and and mohair types and mixtures of materials, odds and ends. Need really only 1-2 balls/skeins/hanks of any given item. The only important consideration is the colors going together.

Let me know what you’ve got, maybe this will help some of you destash a bit.

[COLOR=“Blue”][B]Hi Bonnie - Sent you a PM and e-mail.[/B][/COLOR]