ISO: Addi Turbos 12" and 16" in Sizes 5-8

I’m looking for Addi circulars (12" and 16") in sizes US 5-8. I’d like to buy used, but let me know if you have new ones, also. I can pay by paypal, check, or money order, or I’m also up for trading. I have fabric for sewing, silk flowers, books (mostly fantasy novels, some natural medicine books, and Celtic non-fiction), and yarn (of course, lol).

Thanks, Everyone!!:hug:

I have Skacel Addi Turbo Circulars in size 5= 16 inches, size 6 = 12 & 16 inches, size 7 = 12 inches size 8 = 12 & 16 inches.
They are all new & I would be willing to sell. Let me know if you are interested.

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I am interested in the 16" size 5, and the 12" sizes 6, 7, and 8. Four sets of needles in total.

How much would you be willing to let them go for? Are you interested in any trades?

Thanks!! :mrgreen:

To Vgemini:
Hi, I’m interested in any leftover needles that Missy (feminineearth) doesn’t want!