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Ok I saw a blog or a website, I can’t remember which back when matell and all these toy companies were having their recalls. A woman said she had to take away her daughter’s polly pockets (or something of this nature) and in return she knitted her daughter a really cute teddy bear. She had this pattern as well as ones for a cat and a bunny. She talked about how she felt if she had to take something away it was nice to be able to give her something back, something she knew she would keep/treasure.

Does this ring any bells? I thought I bookmarked it, but evidently I didn’t.

Thanks if anyone is able to point in the right direction.



Here are two of them. The second one is loaded!


That sounds remarkably like a post on Knitting Daily and
they have a pdf that is for a bear, bunny and cat. You can
find it at
Libbie :slight_smile:

I actually found it, after doing some digging… It was part of my emails.

Thought I’d share the patterns incase anyone else might be interested in them. They look cute.

Thanks susan for the other website. I’ll bookmark that one as well!


PS It was obvious I didn’t refresh this post before I made my post. Thanks :slight_smile:


Your very welcome![/B]