ISO: a pattern for cabled mittens in the round

Hi…a friend of mine would like a pair of mittens made with a cable design…and since I am terrible at making nice neat seams, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good pattern that’s done in the round? Thanks! :thumbsup:

here’s a free pattern and you could add your own cable. do you know how?

I’ve only tried cables once, it didn’t seem too hard, but I’ve never tried to insert them into a pattern! (didn’t see the one you posted, btw?)

wow. that’s embarassing. i’m sure i had the link pasted on my clipboard, but i didn’t get it in here. sorry.

here’s one from the free pattern section here.

to add your own cable, i would try this:
rows 1-3, 5-7 (purl 4. knit 8. purl 4.)
row 4: purl 4, hold 4 in front, knit 4, knit 4 from the cable needle. purl 4.

knit this pattern at the center of what would be the back of your hand.

hope that isn’t too confusing. if you have another cable you like better, you could swap that in where i put the knit 8.