ISO: 1700-1800 yards of worsted wool

I need 1700-1800 yards of a nice worsted or heavy worsted 100% wool yarn for a cardigan I’d like to make for next winter. It does not have to be a name brand. Maybe you bought a large amount and decided the color is just not right or whatever. Check your stash and if you have that amount please get in touch with me. Thanks.

If you use Ravelry, here is a link for a search of stashes for sale/trade meeting your criteria.|aran&yardage=1600|2000&sort=added&view=thumbs

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Thank you. I have been looking through their database and sent pm’s to a few, but I still have not found what I need or gotten responses from some of them.

I still need the yarn. Here is a link to my for sale stash if anyone is interested. I would consider trading most or all of it (maybe) in exchange for the yardage I need for a sweater. I take PayPal. We have no pets and do not smoke.

Sorry to hear you are still on the hunt.

Some people only check Ravelry once a week (I know hard to believe :roflhard: ) so have patience. Others may not respond if the yarn is not listed as for sale/trade.

Hang in there. Happy hunting.

Yeah, I’ve found that people who own a “sweater’s worth” of yarn…aren’t usually selling it.

I have two “sweater’s worth” of yarn that are for sale. Click here. And, here.
It is more yardage than you said you need, but I’m selling it cheap.
(I don’t break up the stash)

Thanks Artlady. Your prices are very reasonable. As you said though they are quite more than I need. I was shopping Ravelry hoping to find what I needed at a good price, plus it allows the one selling the yarn to sell what they no longer want or need and getting something for it. It I don’t manage to find what I need in a week or two I’ll start shopping a few online websites. Can you recommend any other sites besides Webs? always has good prices for yarn!

They sell name brands, and then they have their own brand…such as I am selling.
Elann is where I got those two batches of yarn I linked you to.

You can click here to view the Elann brand worsted that I showed you.

If you need 1700-1800 yards, you’d need at least [B]16 balls[/B] of this yarn.

[B]16 balls would cost you $52 for the [U]1744 yards[/U].[/B]
[B]17 balls would cost you $55.25 for the [U]1853 yards.[/U][/B]
Not a bad price for a sweater! The yarn is real nice, too.
You would be paying for exactly the amount of yardage you need.

Here’s the sweater I knit using the Licorice color
(same yarn as the Hazelnut and Morning Mist):

But if you don’t like tweed, Elann sells plain worsted, too.
In that case, 17 balls would cost you $50.66…for 1853 yards.
The plain yarn is a little cheaper.

That’s a pretty sweater as are all of the items you knit. I’m leaning more towards a solid or heather yarn for the cardigan I wish to make. Thank you for the website links.

I noticed that the Elann solid is a single ply. Do you find that harder to knit with than say a multi-ply worsted? They have Paton’s Classic Wool 100 gram balls for $3.65! I think I will be ordering soon. Thanks for this web page Artlady.