Isaiah Washington


So there he sits with Larry King, blaming everyone around him for his behaviors.

Grow up, Isaiah. Patrick Dempsey simply doesn’t have the power to “make” you spin out of control. Neither does T.R. Knight.

Stop already with the deflecting and avoidance behaviors, wouldja? I’m not in the mood…AND, I have stabby things handy to poke you with!

I’m old, postmenopausal, stopping smoking, and tattooed. Don’t mess with me.

I used to like him on Grey’s but after all of this I am very glad he is gone!!


I have no idea who you guys are talking about or what is going on in his life now… but OMG thats the funniest think I’ve read in weeks!

I didn’t even know till I read in a magazine the other day that he got fired! I really thought after watching the finale he’d be back, I guess not. I agree though he needs to take responsibility for his actions and stop blaming others. Its probably better he’s gone.

But isn’t the issue with him that he apologised for his gaffe…went through a tolerance program thing and so on…but wound up…months later…fired anyway and that’s what is the core of his beef? Heaven knows why he was fired…maybe he was just a pain in the butterfly clip but people are naturally thinking it was because of what he said…or maybe even tho he did the program etc deep down he hadn’t changed at all…or… shrug

denial. it’s not just a river in egypt. :wink:

In my way of thinking, the “core of his beef” does not license him to lay blame away from himself.

Certainly, I understand his frustration and anger at being fired after having fulfilled all of their requirements. I’d hate that too, and of course feel humiliated and all that … but that too doesn’t give him the right to blame the other actors for the things HE did.

He annoyed me as “Burke” with his over-the-top arrogance, and after following the story of his on-set behaviors, it now seems that playing Dr. Burke isn’t a stretch for him.

But, I’m still a bit cranky.:nails:

At first I was all gung ho for him to be fired as I have NO patience for intolerant people (does that make me intolerant of intolerence?) but a friend pointed out that we have no idea what really happened. Someone could have leaked the whole story for publicity. The plan could have been to write him out of the show the whole time. It could have been blown way out of proportion and been a much smaller issue that the media/public made it out to be. We just don’t really know.

I agree that he is fond of blaming other people for his mistakes and shortcomings, at least in a public arena.

I wasn’t a big fan of his pretentious character anyway, so I won’t really miss him!

Umm…didn’t he use a homophobic slur on national television?

Maybe he was on drugs:shrug: Lots of folks I know who are drug addicts deny their behavior. Not that that is an excuse or anything. He’s a poopy head fer sure. I also find it interesting that yet another black man in the media spotlight has publically shown themselves as homophobic. I don’t know what it is about us black folks that makes us so homophobic. I guess its part of the not-airing-your-dirty-laundry complex we have. Oh well, he’ll learn someday.:rollseyes:

Never saw the guy on the show so no clue really who and what he is aside from the media attention that surrounded his errant comment.

What goes around comes around and all that perhaps :slight_smile:

Oh, I totally forgot that he actually said it on television - I would never condone use of a slur of any kind. I was just referring to the stories that leaked from the set.

the stories were “leaked” before he made a slur on television. i think its reasonable to assume that there is at least some truth in them.

i remember watching him on oprah and i wanted to like him. he seemed to overcompensate for inadequacies, but have his heart in the right place. he doesn;t seem to hold back of himself, and on the set, just like when working in theatre (worked backstage for six years) you must keep yourself contained in order to keep peace on a boiler room situation.

and it definitely fits with his profile to assign blame to everyone except himself. it’s too bad. really. i like his passion, but i don’t appreciate his spewing himself onto other people with no regard for their feelings.