Is yfw a yarn over in the English term?

I am starting a baby blanket using the pattern on the Bernat Baby Sport for my neighbor who is having twin girls later this summer. I want to make each one a blanket but in a different color if I can find two skeins of the same color choice. In the directions for the pattern row, it says :
Row 1(RS) K4 *yfwd, K3. Sl 1 K2tog. Psso K3 yfwd K1 Rep from * to last 3 stitches K3.

My question is the YFWD our yarnover but in the European terminology?

Yes, it’s the same thing as far as I know.

Thanks Jan. I thought it was but I wasn’t sure. Her husband told me that hat they had gone to the Dr’s last Thurs and said they were expecting twin girls and since I do not have any grand daughters, (just 2 grandsons) I thought I would knit some girly things for them.

Oh that should be fun for you!

It’s a British term, not european, but yes, a YO. So are yrn and yon which might find in Bernat and Paton patterns (cause they’re canadian companies).