Is turning any different when in the round?

These are my directions for the hat I am knitting in the round:
Knit 21, wrap next stitch and turn
Knit 42 wrap next stitch and turn
So I think I figured out how to ‘wrap next stitch’ from watching the video, but I need to know if turning my work is simply turning it around like she shows on the video.

Yep. You do it the same way as with straights – you’ll be knitting on the wrong side (inside) of the work for a bit until you have to turn again.

I’ve never had to wrap a stitch and turn on a hat on circs. :?? What pattern is this?

OH WAIT… are you doing a hat on circs, but you’re doing it FLAT? If so then that make sense. :teehee:

:teehee: I was wondering where you got the idea she was making a hat, and then I realized that she mentioned it in the first line. :doh: That is interesting… the short rows could be for a brim, maybe. Or maybe the hat is longer in back than in the front or something. Earflaps? Probably too many stitches for that…

It is the LTK earwarmer pattern, short rows for in the back to cover more of the neck