Is this yarn machine washable or handwash only?

help! i can’t seem to find washing info for this yarn!
Queensland Collection Uruguay DK

thanks for any help!:muah:

Everything I found on it didn’t give washing instructions, but it’s merino, alpaca and silk. I seriously doubt if it’s machine washable.

thanks. i am still wondering though, i dyed some up and i stirred it, squeezed it, twisted it up and not even a tiny bit of felting :think:

Try either a swatch and wash it or spit felt some ends and see if that joins them.

If you go to they have the Queensland Collection and alot of them say “machine wash dry flat”, buy don’t have your specific yarn…or when I did find it, it didn’t give washing instructions.
Your yarn has silk in it…I doubt it is machine washable and maybe not even handwashable.
Good LuckCrossed Fingers

Washing isn’t what felts yarn, it’s water temperature changes plus agitation as in a washing machine.

there is a contact tab at the top of the page for that yarn. I’d email the company with that question.