Is this yarn any good?

Debbie Bliss
Alpaca Silk DK
80% Alpaca 20% Silk
105m / 50g
4mm US6
Tension: 28rows 22sts per 10cm/4"

Just curious… Is it any good, has anyone ever used it? What sort of projects would it be good for?


YES… YES… YES… ( I sound like I am having a Yarngasm) BUT:
I bought it in the Chunky and :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: it… it is
SUPER SOFT to the touch… it has a soft, silky feel to it and it just feel soooo good to the skin… :muah:
I haven’t bought the DK weigh but there is no differnce b/w it and the chunky except the yarn weight

Where did you see it at b/c IT’S VERY GOOD YARN~~ IMHO

:happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Oh… I forgot I made a super soft hat outta mine~! :muah:

Oh, I was just browsing through ebay… lol…

LOVELY super squishy soft stuff. Very thumbs up IMO

omg i got some of this from my darling yarn swapper last year and i still haven’t found the perfect project for it but i have one that seems to sit out all the time to inspire me and mostly to be touched. I am pretty sure using it would make me hate my beloved malabrigo briefly if i were to switch back and forth. I less than 3 this yarn!

How can anything with alpaca AND silk be bad???

It is soooo soft and wonderful – I wouldn’t use it for anything that would get heavy wear though. Seems like it might pill a lot. :shrug:

But yeah…mmmMalabrigo felt scratchy after knitting with Alpaca Silk… :heart:

Ok… so kinda dumb additional question… I’m still pretty new to all this yarn stuff, so how do I know, if I just read about a wool online, if it’s good, like if it would feel good or not?

What if something says it’s wool yarn is spun from superfine 100% natural wool fiber. Would it be good? Just ok? I’m trying to shop online for my yarnee… since I don’t really have any good LYS around that I know of… and I want to make sure I get something good…

It kind of depends on the type of wool. If it says “alpaca” it’s freakin’ soft. Merino is a soft sort of wool. Noro Kureyon has gorgeous colors but despite the cost of the skein, it’s actually made with a very cheaply made wool. Pretty scratchy. But some other Noro yarns are really nice. If you have a local yarn store, petting the yarn and noting the names and types of wool that you like helps - if you spot it again later, you’re likely to remember "Oh yeah, that feels like . . . " If not, then obviously, asking here is an awesome idea - chances are SOMEBODY has used it before. If you want a not horribly expensive, very soft yarn, try Malabrigo. It’s reasonably priced for what it is: a very nice merino yarn. It all depends on what you like, too, and what you’re making insofar as how soft it needs to be. I.e., some things would be perfect for felting into clogs, but not so good for a next-to-skin item like a sweater or a scarf. I’m rambling now and I’ve gone far afield of your question, but it’s something you pick up here and there from experience, reading, learning. It’s a pretty enjoyable skill to develop. ^_~