Is this weird?

i want to knit 2 the football games where my brother plays(sr.) but my sister and mom don’t think it’s a good idea. what do u think ? :wall: :wall: :wall: :?? :doh: :?? :x: xxx :shrug: :shrug:


I’d say - ask your brother!

Or bring your knitting along (no harm in that) and if it feels right to pull it out than go for it!

my brother isn’t the one even talk 2 me and he’s NEVER HOMe I MEAN NEVER with football and stuff and he doesn’t rly like me and… ya he doesn’t like 2 talk more like mumble

I don’t think it would hurt to bring it along, even if you just knitted during half time. Of course, if you think it would hurt his feelings if you took it, it wouldn’t be worth it. If you don’t think he’d be upset, then I don’t see the harm.

Bring it!!! Just because you can. He certainly won’t notice, and you can stop to watch the action, and knit during the inaction.

I think you should take it that way if you get there and want to knit you can… even if you only get to during halftime or before the game… I think most of us carry knitting with us when ever we leave the house just in case we get the opportunity to knit :cheering: