Is this tendinitis?

My left wrist has been killing me the past few days. I’ve had trouble lifting anything heavy with it. It’s a little warm to the touch and swollen. I knit english, and haven’t been overdoing the knitting. I knit off and on throughout the day, with a 3 hour block at night. I don’t think it’s from knitting, but could it be? I really don’t want to test it by not knitting for the next few days if it’s being caused by something else, although what - I don’t know.

Someone tell me I don’t have to step away from my needles :pout:

You may have to slow down a while. Yep, if it’s warm and swollen it’s an inflammation - that’s what `itis’ means. It could be from knitting, or a combination of knitting and something else. Like lots of typing or mouse use. The muscles and tendons in the arm get overly tight, so instead of being soft and flexible, they get irritated moving across the bones.

Short term helps, ice on the inflamed area, warmth on the muscles of the forearms to relax them. Rubbing/massaging the lower arm will help. Get a massage, even 10-15 minutes in a chair. The way you hold your neck and shoulders also contributes; if it’s an awkward position or one held for long periods of time it will put stress all the way down the arm.

Don’t knit for long periods at a whack - get up and shake out your arms, stretch them, your neck and shoulders. Wind some yarn for a bit, that’s a different movement.


you can also take anti inflamatories like ibuprofen. take them with a light snack to avoid stomach irritation. and you should really see/call the doc on monday. if you don’t tend to this now, it could get much worse and be a long-term problem. :hug:

The problem with taking anti-inflammatories or pain relievers is that it simply makes the pain go away. Then if you keep overusing it, you set yourself up for worse trouble later on. Resting it now and not overdoing in the future is better.


Thanks :slight_smile: I am resting it now, as much as I don’t want to. I took a couple of ibuprofen and am feeling better. I will wait to knit a few days and see if that helps. This means I will be reading posts on here even more often than I am already :teehee:

Also when I have knitted for a couple of days in a row and my arms and hands are sore but i am still in the knititng groove… I like to look at my patterns, organize them by difficulty, or what I want to do first. I also like to play in my yarn stash and with those new patterns in mind I mentally match up Pattern A with Yarn B and make myself a note that this particular yarn or pattern is ‘taken’ :happydance:

It helps ease the withdrawl symptoms~! :teehee:

Ginger, put some ice on it, or frozen vegetables. That will help heal it too.


R= rest
I = ice
C= compression (like a gently wrapped ace bandage)
E = elevation

if it is a tendonitis - too much computer time won’t help much either. Do be careful with the ibuprofen, make sure it doesn’t interact with any current medications, and don’t take more than the label suggests.

If it persists, check with a doctor or physical therapist.

feel better !! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any advice for you, but I hope you feel better soon! :hug: