Is this tacky?

I need to send a baby gift to my friend, and I have an old unused gift box that I was planning on sending it in --but it has the name of a store that is now out of business printed all over it. Should I get a new box, or do you think I can use the one I have without it being totally tacky?

You can spruce it up like a collage. Cut out pretty flowers or baby scenes and glue all over the boxtop with elmer’s. When you have the top covered, spread a thin layer of the glue over the pictures, let dry and WHALA! You won’t even need a bow!

I reuse boxes ALL the time!

What an awesome idea!! That’s what I’ll do. Thanks!!

Use the box !! I save and re-use boxes (and gift bags) all the time. I have Disney Store boxes that I have saved for years. It’s really not Christmas in my family unless someone gets the Disney box.

I soon learned that my MIL likes to recycle her boxes and use them for wrapping her Christmas gifts. It’s become sort of a running joke every Christmas Eve when we open our presents. DH opens his present – and for a moment thinks she bought us a new toaster oven . . . nope, it’s actually just socks and underwear. :teehee:


HA! In our family, it’s the Lorraine box! My grandma used to work in a ladies’ clothing store and they had a ton of these Lorraine boxes (lingerie) and she used them one Christmas. The guys got a huge kick out of getting this “naked” lady box!

I see no problem with reusing boxes and bags. It’s the re-gifting that’s tacky (especially when you give it back to the person who gave it to you!)


:rofl: :rofl: This last Christmas I began unwrapping a gift from my MIL who usually recycles boxes for gifts all the time. I took off some of the wrapping paper and saw the words “Toast R Oven” or something like that and I said with a wink and nudge “It looks like I got a Toaster Oven”. One look at her face and I realized it WAS a toaster oven. Ohhhhhh I felt so bad and was falling over myself to let her know that I did appreciate the gift. I did too!!! My toaster was on the blink . . . hence the present.

I say use the box. I don’t think it’s tacky to re-use a box. Think of it as being environmentally responsible. :slight_smile:

My mother was the queen of reusing boxes. She even moved empty boxes, lol.

When she passed from this world, My brother & I gathered up the empty boxes. The amount of the empty boxes would have filled a washing machine box.

We donated all of them to a day care and they made stuff out of them for their summer projects.

I know she would have loved seeing all those boxes used.

We did keep a few of the boxes just for sentimental sake. One box was over 35 yrs old. She truly reused items, lol

I re-use gift boxes all the time…and giftbags…after Christmas I claim them back up even…mom knows to save me her giftbags :rofl: …I do buy new tissue paper but really haven’t bought a new gift bag/box in a very long time :aww:

I reuse boxes, bags, ribbon…you name it. They shouldn’t tell us to recycle if they don’t mean it, right? :teehee:

I don’t think it would be tacky unless you spilled maple syrup on it.

:teehee: you’re always good for a laugh, Mason!

I second this!! :slight_smile: