Is this Stranding OR Intarsia?

As I’ve never done EITHER of these I have no clue just looking at the pattern which way I’m supposed to do these booties. Can someone enlighten me? I’m on my first bootie and am to the point where I need to start using the MC. HELP?

Pattern can be seen at this link.

OMG!!! How freakin’ cute are they???

Oh–the toe would be intarsia.

Ingrid, You are my hero! Thanks. Yes, I agree. TOO FREAKING CUTE! I was looking for something I could knit for a Christmas present for my soon-to-be Nephew. I wanted something that was for a baby boy but didn’t look so “baby”. Saw these and just KNEW I had to try it.

I THOUGHT it would be intarsia cause otherwise I think you would see the black (or in my case blue) yarn on the backside AND I was worried how stranding my catch little toes, BUT… never having attempted anything with two colors, I was stumped. THANKS! Now I know what I’ll be doing on my lunch hour.

Thanks again!:muah:

Those are really cute. Wish I knew a baby boy (or girl) to knit for!

Make sure you share a picture when you make them, Ingrid. :teehee: Maybe you could upsize them for Ryan for slippers. :thumbsup:

I have a pattern for those in crochet, but the knit one is cute too. I agree, it’s intarsia.

I might make a pair just to hang from my rear-view mirror!:happydance: