Is this scarf possible?

Hello! Newbie here, who’s also beginning to learn how to knit. I have done a few small things, so I that I would try my hand at making my friend a scarf!

She loves strawberries, so I decided to make a 3 color scarf- green at the ends, and the body red with white seeds. The problem I’m having is this:

I can’t find a pattern (or a way) to make it! I want the seeds, which would be only 2 stitches each, to be spaced apart from eachother, so that the spaces in between creates large diamonds (like a strawberry! The seeds not being in a line n’ all)




(PLZ imagine even spacing between them, lol. and no periods, lol. )
Since its a scarf, I want both sides to look like this. If I can get any help with this, I would appreciate it so so so much!

Thank you for reading this! :muah:

So green borders and red with white V’s in the center? That would be a combination of fair isle and intarsia. The V is one stitch btw. Each stockinette stitch creates a V. There are instructions for both methods in the video section above.

But see, I thought that fair isle/stranded had the floats on the wrong side? (Plz excuse me if I use wrong terminology! I really am trying)

So would both sides then look the same?

It does have floats, but it’s really the only way to do it unless you make a tube. The tube would be knit in the round and would be double thickness so twice the knitting. But it would be the same on both sides. If you knit in the round the green edges would also be knit in the round so you have to carry two colors around.

It’s not a difficult project, but might be more than you want to take on as a beginner. If you decide to knit in the round making a tube you could do the red and white part then make ends that are green instead. That would be easier although you’d still be learning fair isle and knitting in the round.

Thank you so much for your help! Heh, and I thot my idea was so simple…

Another option; you could make the scarf plain red and then use a tapestry needle and white yarn to embroider the seeds all over the scarf.

Or try searching Google or Ravelry for “Strawbery Scarf”. Maybe you’ll find a good pattern there.